Sentinel PRO promotes driver safety, provides fleet tracking and encourages fleet efficiency — all while helping businesses enforce their “Distracted Driving Policy.”

Driver using mobile device

The Personal Phone Dilemma

Until now, most employers have had difficulty enforcing any kind of cellphone policy for either company issued or personal devices.

Only Sentinel PRO detects any and all in-vehicle cellphone use.

Sentinel PRO helps your employees drive safely, limits your corporate liability and increases your bottom line.

No app can do that.

Make Your Fleet Vehicle a Cellphone-free Zone.

Sentinel Detects
and Deters:

Cellphone Activities

Texting. Talking. Surfing. Posting.


Set alerts and know when your drivers are exceeding the limit.

Unauthorized Locations

Know where your drivers are at all times.

Unauthorized Time

Know when your drivers are on the road.

Key Features

Cellphone Detection

No calls, no texts. Sentinel Pro helps eliminate distracted driving and improve safety, efficiency and productivity — allowing drivers to focus on the job, not their phone.


Sentinel Pro allows fleet managers to check vehicle speed against posted speed limits, ensuring the safety of their drivers — and everyone else on the road.

In-Vehicle Alerts

Innovative pre-recorded voice messages alert drivers in real-time if they violate safe driving policies, allowing them to correct immediately. Alerts include: cellphone usage, speeding and unauthorized use (time and location).


Sentinel Pro’s advanced in-vehicle communication allows fleet managers to contact drivers who have their phones off or in airplane mode.

Motor vehicle crashes involving distracted driving cost employers over $15 billion annually in medical care, legal expenses, property damage and lost productivity.

Cost to Employers of on the job crashes due to cell phone use while driving (NHTSA):


Average cost per crash


Average cost per injury resulting from crash.


Average cost per fatality.