Easy Ways to Increase Your MPG

Easy Ways to Increase Your MPG

No one enjoys going to the gas station. I’m fortunate that I only need to fill my tank once every week and a half to two weeks. But even still, paying $50-$60 a trip adds up quickly. Its even more frustrating when you’re not getting your expected mileage. Good news is that a lot of the

Inefficiencies you’re having can be fixed by driving with your gas consumption in mind. Here are a few easy ways you can improve your gas mileage:

Lay Off the Accelerator: Fight the temptation to get up to speed as fast as possible. This is especially true during city or traffic filled commutes. If you’re in a situation where you have to have to brake a lot, think about accelerating slower to maintain lower RPM. Being smart about how hard you hit the gas pedal can reduce gas consumption as much as 20%.

Be Conscious of How Much Cargo You Have: The heavier your car is, the more energy is takes to move that car. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t give your coworker a ride, but take the dog food out of your car after you buy it, not a couple days later when the old bag finally runs out. Your trunk isn’t the storage space for your garage overflow.

Keep Your Car Aerodynamic: If you use your roof rack it may be annoying to take it on and off, but that rack is likely increasing the amount of drag on your car. While the drag increase is likely under 3%, if you don’t use your rack, it’s an easy 3% mpg efficiency to gain. At high speeds especially, drive with your windows up. Open windows at high speeds can reduce your mpg by as much as 3%. Again, not something that makes or breaks your mpg, but a few small changes like this can result in 10-15% gain in mpg.

Limit your A/C: I live in a desert, so I know how miserable it is to drive in 110 degree weather and by no means am asking you to not run your A/C at all, but think about limiting how long you run it. Always running your A/C in your car can eat up 2-5% more gas than not running it at all.

Check Your Tire Pressure: When it comes to tire pressure, try and stay as close to the manufacturer recommendation as possible. Being too under inflated can cost you as much as 2 mpg. Even staying just 10 psi over manufacturer recommendations can increase fuel efficiency by 1 mpg.

Don’t Speed Up to Stop: I see it all the time; people speeding up into a red light. It’s a waste of total gas to tailgate in traffic. The more you have to brake, the more you have to accelerate. Like we talked about earlier, try and accelerate as little as possible. No you don’t have to crawl at a turtle pace, but there is no reason to speed up into your stop

Be Smart About When You Idle: As tempting as it is to escape your job and coworkers, and eat in your car, it could be adding up into an expensive lunch. Idling for a 30 minute lunch could use about half a gallon of gas.

Fill up when it’s cooler outside: The warmer it is, the more gas expands and evaporates. So filling your tank at the hottest part of the day is getting you less bang for your buck. By filling your tank in the morning, you’re insuring getting gas that’s cooler and more dense that gas at 4 or 5pm after work.

Coast Through Your Commute: Cruise control maintain a specific speed, and reduce the amount of accelerating compared to controlling it manually. This also takes the temptation to speed or run at less fuel efficient speeds out of your hand.

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