Sentinel Pro is a Real Time Tracking Device.   Once installed it will improve driver safety,

decrease corporate liability, increase fleet efficiency plus increase YOUR bottom line.

 Plus, if time is money, how much do you think dealing with paperwork costs?  This tracking

device  will keep up with your driver’s hours of service (HOS) and  replace the paper logs

 that most drivers love to hate. Then there’s the time you spend on paperwork  daily, weekly

and monthly.  With reports that can be sent to you electronically, you and your drivers

will have more time to focus on what matters.


Ending distracted driving is everyone’s responsibilityThe statistics are shocking 64% of 

2.5 million road accidents annually in the US involve cell phone use while driving.  Sentinel 

Pro, our innovative patented solution, is the only option that truly addresses distracted 

driving do to cell phone use.    More companies are enforcing strict cell phone policies in  

their vehicles due to safety and liability issues. 


VRM Telematics has introduced Sentinel Pro.  This real-time tracking device now offers

an innovative patented solution to monitor cell phone use while driving.  VRM Telematics

is the ONLY company that offers this feature!! 


With the installation of the Sentinel Pro  your cell phone must be placed in airplane mode or turned

off while you are driving.   Sentinel provides monitoring and updates on fleet management with the

ability of the management to observe data related to cell phone use, Cell phone use is not restricted

while the vehicle is in idle or is off.  An in-vehicle audio alert is triggered when cell phone use is detected.  


Sentinel Pro:  Features…..Advantages…….Benefits


  • Monitors cell phone use
  • Monitors engine activity (checks vehicles in and out)
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Increases productivity
  • Utilizes advanced geo-fencing technology
  • Provides detailed driving reports
  • Sends scheduled maintenance alerts
  • Monitors reckless driving
  • Monitors Vehicle Speed
  • Reports Vehicle Location
  • Monitors unauthorized vehicle use
  • Monitors address proximity
  • Monitor address history
  • Provides audio messages to the Sentinel Pro device in the vehicle

We have found that a Webinar with a Live Demo has been a successful way to present to 

members. You can set these up at your convenience by just calling us.  Get ahead of the 

curve.  Protect you and your drivers.  Let VRM Telematics, Sentinel Pro insure the safety 

of your fleet.  For more information please contact:                    

                     Kate Shipman.. ..760-396-8754




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