Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Eliminating Distracted Driving

In baseball they say to keep your eye on the ball to increase your hit rate. Its the same with driving, but opposite at the same time. Keep your eyes on the road to lower your hit rate; by over 50% no less. 58% of all accidents and 25% of all fatal accidents result from distracted driving. Just like everyone knows smoking causes cancer, we all know that texting and driving is bad. Yet still 40% of all drivers and 58% of teen drivers report using their cell phone while driving. Even more shockingly is how overly confident most adults are about texting and driving. A whopping 77% of adults believe they have the ability to text and drive as opposed to the 55% of teens polled.

The NHTSA did an interesting study on cellphone use at any given time on a freeway. They report that 4% of all drivers show visible cellphone use at any given moment when driving on the freeway. According to AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, a distracted driver was using their phone for 4.1 of the last 6.3 seconds before a crash. That leaves just 2.2 seconds for you and your vehicle to respond to a potential accident. In 2018, 15% of all property, vehicle, and loss of life damages were a result of texting and driving alone. Factor in that 25% of fatal accidents are distracted driving related, its clear to see that taking your eyes off the road has severe consequences.

Help Re-Enforce Better Driving Habits

Bad habits are hard to break, especially when we underestimate the risk. With the SentinelPro, you can track and monitor distracted driving behavior to keep your family or business safer on the roads. The patented on-board cell phone detection catches cell use and plays an audio message to your driver to put their cellphone away. Along with cell detection, the SentinelPro also monitors harsh turns and braking. By logging into your online Sentinel account, you can see where your vehicles have been, how fast they were going at any point in the drive, any cellphone use, or harsh driving. Even choose to be notified by text or email of any dangerous driving. The SentinelPro is the perfect tool to make your family or business safer.

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